About Us


Member Colleges share common commitments to the following Core Values in four areas:

Concerning Essential Components of Readiness for Ministry and Mission

We aim to provide:

  • Depth of understanding to cultivate a biblically based and theologically informed worldview
  • Development of academic competence to sustain continuing learning and service
  • Competence in ministry skills appropriate to spiritual gifting and ministry goals
  • Habits of disciplined personal and spiritual formation modelled on the character of Christ
  • Healthy inter-personal relationships appropriate to ministry responsibilities
  • Credible qualifications related to varying ministries and needs in contemporary society.

Concerning Nature of Ministry and Mission

We believe Ministry and Mission:

  • Are rooted in the self-giving love and mission of the Triune God
  • Require personal experience of salvation in Christ and life in the Spirit
  • Grow out of participation in a worshipping, nurturing and discipling community
  • Are the responsibility of all God’s people, the Church, not just of an elite within it
  • Involve proclaiming and living the Gospel where it is unknown, ignored or repudiated
  • Embrace holistic involvement in both evangelism and social concern
  • Require personal and communal integrity demonstrating Christ’s lordship over every area of life
  • Require biblical education being accessible to all God’s people.

Concerning Central Theological Convictions undergirding Mission and Ministry

We believe and uphold:

  • The authority and full trustworthiness of the Bible* The dignity of all human beings as created in God’s image* The uniqueness of Christ and centrality of his death, resurrection and present rule* The fallen nature of humanity, the necessity of salvation in Christ, and the accountability of human beings before God* The transforming and enabling work and gifts of the Spirit* The assurance of Christ’s return and of hope and purpose for God’s people and creation.

Concerning the Context of Mission and Ministry

We respect and take seriously:

  • The historical and cultural identity of all peoples as God’s creatures, but lost without Christ* The need to seek and uphold truth and to resist evil in our world* The battle for the mind and the power of alternative worldviews and belief systems to oppose God’s purposes in His world* The need to communicate God’s unchanging Gospel faithfully, meaningfully and relevantly to all peoples* The global presence of the church, the One Body of Christ, in its many local manifestations.