The constitution is presently being revised in light of the following resolutions at the July 2009 general meeting.

1. That the Association adopts the following as the major purposes of the Association:

  1. To provide mutual professional encouragement and fellowship for evangelical theological educators.
  2. To support and network college Principals and to encourage them in their role.
  3. To raise awareness of ministries, needs and approaches of member colleges.
  4. To encourage the development of  Christian community within colleges.
  5. To foster the development of Christian community between colleges.

2. That the Association also adopts the following purpose as a ministry challenge:

f.   To encourage effective evangelical theological education beyond Australia and New Zealand in the South Pacific region.

3. That the Association retains the present standards of membership, requiring commitment to the evangelical principles of the Association, and meeting appropriate educational standards as recognised by government accreditation, other recognised bodies, or independent Association evaluation.

4.  That the Association sets aside up to $10,000 to be used (under the direction of the Standing Committee) to foster the purposes of the Association over the next two years, and that a review of the effectiveness of these measures be presented to the 2011 Biennial Conference.

5.  That the Association explores a name change to the “South Pacific Association of Evangelical Colleges” (SPAEC) and that, if all colleges are supportive of the change, the new name be trialled.

6.  That these recommendations be adopted and trialled for two years and that the Constitution be reviewed and a new Constitution be presented by the Standing Committee for adoption at the 2011 Biennial Conference.